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Integrator Solutions™ are Minnesota-based independent Fractional Integrators, focusing on solutions and results for Visionaries and their teams.


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Suzanne Lyon

Suzanne knows what it means to be the owner of a growing business. In 1992 Suzanne, along with her Visionary counterpart, founded Kids’ Hair, Inc. Over the following 18 years Suzanne used her natural Integrator skills to develop the training and operational systems that grew the company from the first employee to 150 with 3 layers of management. Using focus, execution and accountability Suzanne consistently delivered a unique customer experience across 14 locations and 20,000 customer visits a month. 

Since 2010 Suzanne has worked alongside Visionaries in a variety of industries as a fractional Integrator, translating  the Visionary’s ideas into actionable and achievable steps for the team. Supporting a culture of accountability she ensures the team and company get maximum value from their EOS® journey. Suzanne's experience as an Integrator runs from start up to exit and she enjoys working alongside other entrepreneurs turning their vision into reality. 


Barbara Voorhees

Barb brings over 25 years as a successful entrepreneur in creating, developing and taking businesses to the next level of growth. Her purpose and passion is your success. With a background in four startups and broad experience in service organizations, nonprofit, retail, property management and higher education, along with horticulture/agriculture and construction, Barb is a seasoned professional in business development management and plan execution.

As a skilled integrator, Barb works with leadership teams to develop accountability, clarity and ensuring that the right people are in the right seats for your success. The key attribute for creating accountability, clarity and putting people in the right seats, is through positive communication.

Barb’s focus is EOS® management, Lean, operations, finance, business development and project management. Accomplished in MLA, business plan execution, communications and resolving issues, she brings the best strategic and tactical skills together, allowing us to execute your vision and turn it into reality.