Reaching Your Goals Faster Requires Faster Decision Making

Reaching Your Goals Faster Requires Faster Decision Making

Are you a Trapped Visionary ? One way to tell if you’re a Trapped Visionary is to ask if you’re running a company that keeps getting stuck. Achieving the vision you have for your business means that you need a team that’s able to make decisions that are in alignment with your vision. Teams that are slow to make the necessary changes today that will propel the business forward may be having difficulty in making tough decisions. Changes require decisions, fast efficient changes need fast efficient decisions.

Not making decisions fast enough could be one of the reasons your business isn’t hitting it’s goals and doesn’t look or feel like what you had planned on. Fortunately the speed of your teams decision making process and abilities can be improved. Here are a few simple steps to getting to where you want to go faster and less painfully, and who doesn’t want to take some of the pain out of running a business?

Here are our tips to help your team increase the quality and pace of decision-making in your business. It’s time to start reaching those goals and get what you want from your business.

1.Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

Don’t let a desire for perfection slow down your business. Believing there is one right answer and all other answers are wrong can prevent you from making a decision and thus, moving forward more quickly. Seeking perfection can stop progress. Making a decision and moving forward today can be much better than waiting too long and potentially missing out on other opportunities.

2. Prioritize

Prioritize issues so smaller decisions can be made more quickly. Will what you decide have consequences two years from now? How difficult will it be to change course if the decision brings unexpected negative consequences?

3. Delegate

Can the decision be delegated to someone else? Business leaders who insist on making all the decisions slow their businesses down and substantially limit its ability to grow. Delegating decisions will also provide development and growth opportunities for your team members, resulting in improved organizational culture.

4. Next Step

Can the decision be separated into smaller decisions? What step or steps forward can be taken today? Simply breaking big decisions down into smaller bites can dramatically speed up the process.

5. Deadline

The simple act of setting a date for having a decision in place seems obvious but isn’t always done. If you are forced to make a decision in order to meet your deadline, chances are it won’t be pushed further and further down the road.

6. Process

With a deadline set, determine what process you’ll use to make the final decision. Determine what additional information is needed and who will gather it as well as whose advice and input should be included. Be clear about the steps and expectations and assign actions with concrete deadlines for completion.

7. Personality Styles

People with different personality styles make decisions differently. Without knowing and acknowledging these differences, the process can become dysfunctional. Those who require more information and input should not be allowed to slow the entire process down. Many teams find great value in team building exercises such as assessing individual styles and personalities. Knowing how your team members process decisions can help smooth the decision-making process.

8. Emotions

Decisions, especially big ones, evoke emotions which can then slow decision making. Sometimes the simple act of acknowledging the emotions can help people embrace the change and speed up the process of deciding and implementing it.

If you’re tired of bumping up against the ceiling and want to see your company start reaching its full potential, try implementing a few of these suggestions. Finding ways to speed up the decision-making process will help you break through and drive your business to go further faster.

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